Flashback: 2001 Letter from Kenneth Cragg on Two Islams

Be sure to check out his posting in our Archives:…

May 20, 2024 – 15th Anniversary of Ralph D. Winter’s Death – Quotes from Tributes

Ralph D. Winter died on May 20, 2009. Over the next days, we collected a number of tributes from leaders who knew him. We will post more of these in…

Book Reflections – Christian Barriers to Jesus by Paul Pennington

Andy Bettencort summarizes and reflects on the main points of Pennington's book. book reflections-Christian Barriers to Jesus Pennington

Study Bible Review: Chronological Life Application Study Bible 2nd edition 2023

Believers with a heart for the world have the Scriptures as a basis for that desire to spread God’s fame among the peoples and places in the world.…

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